Children and youth facing complex mental health and other challenges need understanding, care, and active support. Every day, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, children and youth are seen and valued by professionals who help them heal. Please join in recognizing our children and youth in need and their caregivers by planting Seeds4MNkids.

Who are our children and youth in need of support and who is supporting them?


  • Children and youth who need structured environments to assure their safety as they receive therapeutic support are cared for in children’s residential treatment and community based group care.  


  • Day Treatment supports all ages – from early childhood to older adolescents – to gain new skills, engage in individual and family therapy, and often integrates school-based curriculum.


  • Children and youth of all ages are supported in foster care settings – often with kinship caregivers – as caring adults provide nurture, stability and individualized attention in anticipation of reunification with their families.


  • Intensive Treatment in Foster Care (ITFC) helps children and youth with significant mental health needs to remain in their foster home with support from a team who responds to the needs of the child while actively supporting their caregivers.


  • School-Linked Mental Health helps students easily access key mental health supports while at school.


Who supports our children in these settings?

Professionals in a variety of roles are committed to believing in the strengths, abilities and futures of our children and youth who need support. During the COVID pandemic, just like every day, staff engage through play, through skills-building, by sharing meals, and by creatively helping children and youth experience their unique value – just as they are.


These highly trained staff work to address emotional and behavioral issues, treat underlying mental health and trauma conditions, and improve school success in hopes of building a child’s success for the future. They work tirelessly to help kids successfully complete their treatment.


How to get involved:

Share a photo on Instagram or Facebook of yourself or others planting seeds to honor children, youth, and their caregivers. Be sure to use the hashtag #Seeds4MNkids.

Not on social media?

No problem! You can send a written anecdote, tribute or story to rpeterson@aspiremn.org 


The following includes snapshots of care for our MN kids. These helpers, services, and stories reflect some of the inspiring support provided every day – sowing daily #Seeds4MNkids.

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